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I make cakes that looks like castles, houses, busses, dragons, dolls, cars, boats, gardens, baskets of flowers etc. Modern contemporary cakes are great to make – especially modern wedding cakes.  Traditional wedding cakes are fabulous and I love making them as well. Wedding favours ( biscuits, petit fours, truffles, brownies,  and much more is specially made to suit your occasion. Christmas cakes – rich with lots of fruit – is a must at Christmas time.  You can order them fully covered and decorated with special icing, or plain.


Go with your right one

All cakes are made to order so you know it is fresh and delicious.

Orders must be placed at least 4 days prior to the date required,  except for wedding cakes,  those have to be ordered at least 3 weeks prior to delivery date.

You need to place your order for a fruit cake at least 6 weeks in advance.

Cakes are collected from my premises.  We can deliver your cake – but there is a charge involved.

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